NIMBIN NSW – The Test Run

With all the work on the van in recent weeks, we decided to take it for a test run.  We’d find out what is working and what needs to be refined before going away for the year.  Nimbin was the chosen destination.

The countryside around Nimbin is beautiful, lush and green.  Before the Aquarius Festival in 1973, Nimbin was a quiet dairying village that was on the verge of being deserted.  The 10 day Aquarius Festival marked the rebirth of the town as a mecca of  counter culture in Australia.

“The idea that your life was your greatest work of art, and that there’s plenty of different ways to live it, is what Aquarius was all about” (Johnny Allen – Director of the Aquarius Festival).

We stayed at the showgrounds.  At $10 a night per person it was a good option.  This includes power if required, hot showers and a camp kitchen is available for those who need it.   Although there were a variety of fellow van travellers at the showgrounds,  space was plentiful and we were encouraged to set up wherever we wanted to.

The easy walk into town is less than a kilometre.  We enjoyed looking through the interesting shops and had a delicious early dinner at Nimbin Pizza & Trattoria.

Next day, with van successes noted and issues identified, we packed up and headed into town on our way home.  Brendyn enjoyed a chat with the folk at Rainbow Power Company and it was great to have a look through the Nimbin Candle Factory as well.

Lots more to see and explore around Nimbin however we’re on a mission now to get everything prepared for our adventures in the coming year.



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