Heading South from Sydney

We’re resolved to setting a slow but steady pace south, exploring places not previously visited and taking time to enjoy the journey.

Sea Cliff Bridge was an early highlight after Sydney.  The spectacular lookout from Bald Hill gave a great overview of the scene.

From there we drove through several picturesque seaside villages on the way to Wollongong.   We also went out to see the industrial areas of Port Kembla and the ships docked there.

With the help of a handy little app “Wikicamps” we decided to stay at Jamberoo for the night.  There is a free camping site available at the Kevin Walsh Oval – right in the heart of this lovely little town.  Unfortunately, travellers have been abusing this privilege and have been parking vehicles in “no camping” areas thus causing problems for the local community.  We saw evidence of this the night we stayed there and subsequently heard that the town had called a meeting to address the problem.  Don’t know the outcome at this stage but it’s likely the site will no longer be available to travellers like ourselves.

That aside, we enjoyed our stay here and also experienced the first real rain of the trip.  This tested the side tarp but it held up and we were warm and cosy in the van.


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