Kangaroo Valley NSW

On leaving Jamberoo we made our way to Minnamurra Rainforest and walked the circuit.  It was beautiful and as a bonus we saw two lyrebirds.  From there we travelled through Robertson (can recommend the pie shop!) and on to Bowral.  Had a good look around this lovely town.  Thought about camping at Moss Vale showgrounds for the night but decided to keep going.  Went on to Fitzroy Falls – spectacular views.

That afternoon we ended up at Bendeela Recreation Area in Kangaroo Valley.  Stayed there for two nights.  It’s a huge free camping area on the Kangaroo River and is owned by NSW Water.  Everyone camping there were well spaced with plenty of room between. Apparently in peak holiday times it can get crowded – hard to imagine.

A feature of this area is the wildlife.  In particular, wombats.  There are burrows everywhere and the wombats emerge of an evening to feed throughout the night.  They return to their burrows in the early morning.   Although it’s best not to approach them, they will come quite close to the camps.  One fellow came right to my feet at the van.

Early morning is also a good time to go for a walk along the river to see the kangaroos out and about.

The ducks and ducklings seemed to be constantly underfoot as they searched for crumbs around the campsites.

Limited internet connection here ensured that this was a place to just relax, read a book and enjoy the wildlife.   It’s a great spot.

We went through the village of Kangaroo Valley upon leaving Bendeela.  Went over the historic Hampden suspension bridge and looked through some interesting little shops in town.  The fudge shop certainly rates a mention…..



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