Brou Lake NSW

Leaving Kangaroo Valley we continued on to Berry and had lunch there.  We drove down the coast to Jervis Bay before we made our way to Milton for the night.  Really enjoyed looking around all these picturesque places.

In Milton were many historic buildings and homes, art galleries and interesting little shops.  We stayed at the show grounds there for the night.  Got a tip from Wikicamps to check out the Heritage Bakery on the way out of town – high quality bakery goods!

Next morning we continued south to Ulladulla where we came across a fishing boat unloading its catch of tuna at the wharf.   These coastal fishing towns were beautiful.  We will come back one day to spend more time here.  On through Batemans Bay to our destination: Brou Lake Campground.

We stayed here 3 nights.  Such a beautiful place with lake and beach close by.  Wild life could be seen on every bush walk.  It started raining on the second day but it was still possible to enjoy bush and beach walks.  I liked that the air was cool and fresh – no humidity.  We read books, took photos, cooked yummy food and just unwound.   Listening to the rain on the roof of the van was a very good way to fall asleep.  Not so good was the ruckus of possums frolicking on the roof at midnight….







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