On The Road Again

Leaving Brou Lake we passed through beautiful Narooma and Bermagui before stopping for the night at “Wilton Park” (a private property that allows vans and RV’s to stay overnight for a donation of $10).

Next day we travelled through Tathra, which has a lot of very interesting history, to Merimbula.  Merimbula is a lovely place with beautiful beaches and scenic outlooks.  From there we back tracked a little to Hobart Beach campground in the National Park.  The sound of Bellbirds was constant in the daylight hours here.  Through the night Brendyn was woken by a small paw prodding his foot.  A possum had found it’s way into the van presumably looking for food.  It wasn’t easily persuaded to leave!









Leaving Hobart Beach Campground we headed for Eden and on to an RV rest stop near Genoa where we stayed the night.  Was surprised by the heat at Genoa – 34 degrees and a very dry heat.  Fierce wind suddenly swept through the campground that afternoon sending us scurrying to the centre of the grounds away from the trees as branches were blowing about and sent flying.  That night there was also the “Very large spider in the van” incident – but I don’t feel like talking about it…..







After Genoa we checked out Mallacoota.  Quite the fishing destination!  Huge caravan parks on the water with heaps of moorings for their boats.  Pressing on, we were invited to stay at Lake Tyers for the night by a friend who was staying at a cabin.  Nice to have a night in a cabin with all the inbuilt modern conveniences!  Then the next day we set off for Paynesville via Lakes Entrance.


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