Bits n Pieces, Odds n Ends

Every living space has one, and vans are no different, that space where you store bits and pieces, odds and ends. Stuff you don’t want to put away because you use it too often to be bothered. So, here is mine. Well I actually have two areas. One is beside the bed and the other is the back of the cargo cage.

Cargo Cage – back of

  • Light switches
  • Key Holder (given to me by some good friends 15yrs ago, Rusty and Dusty)
  • Head torches for that inevitable trip to bathroom
  • Storage for door privacy curtain
  • Pegs to hold our towels on the outside rack
  • Rope and hook to hold the sliding side door open when parked on a slope
  • Walking stick
  • Mono pod for camera (and yes, it is an adaption of a painters ext pole) $35 beats $135!
  • Moisturiser and/or sunscreen
  • Flying fish (because its cool and helps with wind direction – mounts on roof rack)

Bed side – I use plastic trays from cheapo shops

  • Charge cords – best storage hack ever, pencil cases
  • Phone cords
  • Mb battery
  • Wallet
  • Torch
  • Device holder (2x laptops, 2x tablets, 2x phones)
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Water
  • Pens/paper/etc
  • Mints
  • Books
  • Bluetooth stereo
  • And other stuff!

What do you do to organise, keep track of your stuff?

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