Tasmania Week 3

Monday 26/3/18 – Sunday 1/4/18

Arriving back at Kettering on Monday, we washed clothes at the marina and generally got organised for the next week.

We wanted to see more of Bruny Island so caught the ferry across that afternoon.  Thoroughly enjoyed our time out there.  Beautiful scenery with interesting coastline featuring idyllic bays and beaches.  The first day was sunny and clear and we camped at The Neck.   The following day however saw howling winds and rain.   It was a good day for doing the foodie trail and checking out the chocolate factory, cheese and beer making place and the berry farm.  There are lots of great little establishments to call in to and spend some time.  Coffee at Penguin & Pardalote was really good and the croissants looked amazing.   That afternoon we checked in to the van park at beautiful Adventure Bay as the weather wasn’t improving.  They have a massive camp kitchen complete with fireplace, lounge chairs etc.  We spent the afternoon doing some cooking and keeping warm.  Made patties for wraps, vege soup and also a bean hot pot.  Sometimes we’ve found it’s easier to have a bit of pre-made food on hand while on the road – homemade of course!

The next day on Bruny Island was lovely.  The weather cleared and we set off exploring further on the north part of the Island.  Here we found lovely little villages, bays and beaches – so beautiful.  We caught the ferry back to Kettering that afternoon and followed the coast down to the Gordon Foreshore Reserve and camped right by the water for the night, with a view back to Bruny Island.

After stocking up with groceries at Huonville, Franklin was our next stop.  The Wooden Boat Centre was the initial attraction here but we found that this little town on the Huon River had lots of appeal with quaint homes, interesting little shops and a lovely foreshore.

We headed off again the next morning, calling in to see Peter and Coralie who were now at the Port Huon Marina.  They were awaiting family who were flying in that day for Peter’s birthday celebration.  With all our meandering travels to this point, it was a surprise to realise that Hobart was actually less than a hours direct drive away from here.

We then called in to Geeveston and walked around the streets there looking at the many wood carvings that depict previous inhabitants of the town.  The information centre there has some great history and exhibits from the area’s past as well as someone doing wood turning with many beautiful pieces for sale.

We stayed at Southport that night before making our way to our destination for the Easter weekend, Cockle Creek.  Love it here.  We’ve camped in the National Park area right on Recherche Bay.  The weather has mostly been kind although today has cooled and is rainy.  Of particular interest to me are the graves of my ancestors, William and Mary Ann Tedman found in the old cemetery a couple of hundred metres down the road.  I first saw these graves about 30 years ago when my Uncle and Aunt brought my sister and I here with our cousins.  We didn’t know anything about who they were then.  It is now known that William and Mary came here from England separately as convicts, married in Hobart and that at some point later,  William was a policeman for a time.  They died in the late 1800’s and we are direct descendants through their son John.    We are gradually getting other pieces of information together to fill out their story more.   Their gravesite was really overgrown with blackberry vines and grasses.  Brendyn was able to clear much of it away with the axe and small shovel he had on board.

Brendyn also did the 15km return hike over to South Cape Bay from which there are sweeping ocean views on to the most southern tip of Tasmania.  This is the beginning of the South Coast Track.

At the time of writing we remain at Cockle Creek, hoping that the rain will clear for when we pack up camp tomorrow.   I’m also hoping to see a Spotted Quoll or a Tasmanian Devil before we leave.  Both of which the Ranger assures us roam about here.  They told us to keep our boots and shoes inside at night as the Devils have developed a taste for them.   A child left their rubber ball outside the other night and in the morning it was torn to shreds.  The park ranger said that it was the work of the Tassy Devil.

Bruny Island








Cockle Creek








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