Tasmania Week 6

Monday 16/4/18 – Sunday 22/4/18

We stayed four nights at Bay of Fires camping at both Cosy Corner North and South.  The last morning there,  we got up early to see the sunrise.  It was unforgettable.   A wonderful way to end our time in this corner of paradise.

Leaving Bay of Fires we went not far down the road to Scamander and had a night here, getting washing done and enjoying this lovely little seaside town.  Can highly recommend the coffee at “Swims East Coast Coffee“.

We then made our way up through the steep and winding St Mary’s Pass and travelled through totally different scenery again on our way to Launceston.  There were wide open plains and many small historic villages.   We saw some grand old houses dating back to the 1800’s.

Once in Launceston we restocked the van with supplies and settled in for a couple of days.  Some minor maintenance had to be done on the van.  While Brendyn was getting that done one morning, I found the Harvest Farmers market and had a great time buying veggies and sampling some of the delicious goods for sale.  Also picked up some freshly ground “Ritual” coffee beans for the plunger.  A good purchase.

We’ve both been to the chairlift end of Cataract Gorge many times before, so this time went for a walk in from the “Penny Royal” end.  We also went in to City Park and saw the monkey’s that are kept there.  The days in Launceston were gloriously sunny although the mornings started with heavy fog that didn’t lift properly until mid morning.

Leaving Launceston we went on to Deloraine.  We camped right on the river under trees with their beautiful autumn colours.  The town is a centre for artists of all kinds.  There were so many wonderful shops displaying locally created textiles, sculpture and other pieces of art.  There is a sculpture trail along the banks of the Meander River as well as many sculptures along the main street.  There are platypus in the Meander River too and I managed to spot one that evening not far from where we were camped.

Have suddenly realised that our time in Tasmania is drawing to a close!  We’ve been lining up times and dates in the coming weeks for catching up with family and attending to various chores.  Although it will be really great to see everyone, I’m sorry that we will soon be leaving beautiful Tasmania.


Bay of Fires




Deloraine (and on the way there)

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